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“To be able to talk to your heart’s content about a book you like with someone who feels the same way about it is one of the greatest joys that life can offer.” — Haruki Murakami (via writingquotes)

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Bamon Remembrance Week Day 5: The Moment You Realized Damon Cared About Bonnie (and vice versa)-

With Damon, for me, it was 2x18. Before this, I definitely think he showed an eagerness and a willingness to start “fresh” with Bonnie who showed more than an obvious distaste for him after he attacked her and abused Caroline, but I think 2x18 was the first time his willingness to help her wasn’t solely for Elena, even when he did end the episode saying he’d let anyone die for her. Damon is (quite frankly) full of shit sometimes and you very much have to pay attention to actions and instead of only listening to his words. Because when you look at his actions, you see someone who’s upset—who is caring and actually holds remorse—for what happened to Bonnie, even though he knows she’s alive and well and her “death” is really just temporary. After all, he’s the one who helped her figure out a way to cheat it. Most people will say that this was because he didn’t want Elena to hate him for being the reason her best friend died—which is absolutely undeniable as well—but look at his hands; look at the way his fingers softly graze her cheek, and tell me this isn’t someone that cared—even if it were for just one fleeting moment—whether or not Bonnie Bennett died.The thing that kills me even more about this moment is that no one knows about it, except for Damon. Not Bonnie, not Elena, not Stefan—but Damon, alone, and he has never tried to use this moment of caring as leverage against Bonnie or anyone else because he knows it won’t matter. He knows that being tender and doing the good and right thing just once doesn’t change things with someone like Bonnie; that he’ll have to continuously prove himself if he wants to win her over, and I’d say after that night at the dance—where he proved to be the only person that she could trust, rely on, and depend on—he did just that; he earned Bonnie Bennett’s loyalty and she slowly began to see him in a completely different light.

As for Bonnie’s moment in 3x18, when she sees Damon being tortured; I picked this moment, too, because of the look of pain in her eyes when she sees him up there, even though she’s reluctant to do anything about it at first. She isn’t happy about this man who has hurt her, her friends, or her family being tortured—in fact, she almost walks up to save him her goddamn self, until Klaus’ words bring her back down to reality; until his words remind her just what Damon’s done this time to flip her world upside down, and so she stands back. But it isn’t easy for her—and clearly isn’t as black and white as it seems to be because the first thing she does when she leaves the mansion is call Elena to let her know where Damon is. IT’S THE VERY FIRST THING SHE MENTIONS BEFORE ANYTHING. So, even though Bonnie’s pride and anger towards Damon for turning Abby still stood very strongly, in her heart, she wasn’t able to allow him to remain in suffering and I think it truly was the first time she realized she cared about him more than she wanted to, too.